Alloy Podcast: Episode 001 | Chris Lightcap | Show Notes

Alloy: A Mixture of Music and Conversation

I am delighted to have as my first guest, bassist, composer, recording artist Chris Lightcap. Chris has played and collaborated with an amazing array of musicians: he is a regular in Regina Carter's band, and over the years has played with Marc Ribot, Craig Taborn, Glen Hansard, Mark Turner, John Medeski, Jason Moran, Chris Potter and many more. His playing is featured on over 60 albums and as a bandleader/composer he has produced four critically acclaimed albums of original music--in 2000 he released his first solo album, Lay-up, followed that up with "Bigmouth" in 2002, Deluxe in 2010 and his 2015 release, the spectacular Epicenter, was featured as an "A" list jazz pick by Apple Music back in July and has received glowing critical reviews.

It took us a few weeks to get our schedules in sync to do the interview, and I learned from Chris that syncing schedules with other musicians is actually one of the more significant challenges when making a collaborative record. We wasted no time getting down to our conversation, in fact we dove right in talking about his recent trip to Bogota, Columbia, more on that in a moment. Please note, all music heard in this podcast is by and/or features Chris Lightcap. Links to the music and other things we discussed can be found below.

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Musicians mentioned in this episode:

Chris Lightcap music featured:

Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth: Epicenter (2015)

Regina Carter's Southern Comfort (2014)

Regina Carter's Reverse Thread (2014)

Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski: Gathering Call (2014)

Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth: Deluxe (2010)

Chris Lightcap Quartet: Bigmouth (2002)

Chris Lightcap Quartet: Lay-Up (2000)

Record labels: Clean Feed Records & Fresh Sound Records

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