Alloy Podcast: Episode 004 | Elizabeth A. Baker | Show Notes

Elizabeth A. Baker Photos of Elizabeth A. Baker: Left and bottom right by Jim Lennon Media; Top right by Vikki Mann Photography.

I am delighted to have as my guest musician, composer, writer, and new renaissance artist, Elizabeth A. Baker. I learned about Elizabeth and her work only a few months ago through a short 5 question interview published on the excellent site “i care if you listen”. The interview on "i care if you listen" focused primarily on one of Elizabeth’s many projects, and one we discuss during our conversation—and that is the Florida International Toy Piano Festival, which Elizabeth is both co-founder and Festival Director. The second annual Toy Piano Festival ended back in early January, and to be honest, the idea of a creative music festival focused on showcasing music produced on a toy piano totally captured my imagination and sent me off to explore Elizabeth’s music, and ultimately, corresponding with her about her music and doing an interview. No surprise, I could have talked for hours with Elizabeth: how she approaches her music and the details of her creative process are no end interesting and fascinating to me, but given her busy schedule and her involvement in a number of creative projects, we had about an hour to cover a lot of ground. I do not want to give too much away here at the outset, but I will say that our conversation touches on a number topics including the role and importance movement, dance, silence, and community are to the work Elizabeth creates and performs. She is truly inspirational.

All music featured in episode 4 is by Elizabeth A. Baker:

The following compositions appear in this episode: