Alloy: Episode 44

Contextualization (playlist)

Song Artist Album
Nine South Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth Epicenter
Silvertone Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth Deluxe
Sabrosa The Beastie Boys Ill Communication
Fast As You Can Fiona Apple When the Pawn
Last Song (For Lester) Cassandra Wilson Coming Forth by Day
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues Nina Simone To Love Somebody (Remastered)
Strange Overtones David Byrne and Brian Eno Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
Scarecrow Beck Guero
Veve For MMW Bill Frisell Wandering (Music)
Coconut Feeding Birds Billy Martin Wandering (Music)
My Morning Feldman Billy Martin & Sirius Quartet Wandering (Music)
Cover Up Throttle Elevator Music Jagged Rocks
Free Agents of Sound [Chicago, Illinois] Rob Mazurek / Exploding Star Orchestra Galactic Parables: Volume 1
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space Spiritualized Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
Articulate Silences, Pt. 2 Stars of the Lid And Their Refinement of the Decline
The Colour of Spring (feat. Only Girl) Zero 7 EP3
For Mark Hollis & Giacinto Scelsi Klimek Dedications


Does liking cats suggest you would absolutely love European hostels? Maybe, but probably not. It is likely too far a leap in interests. The distance between liking cats and loving European hostels is vast and closing that chasm requires significant chunks of personal information and context--considering the person’s experiences, likes and dislikes, interests, etc. This is true whether it involves travel, or in the case of Alloy, music.

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