Alloy: Episode 73

Labels (Playlist #73)


Composition Album Artist Info Listen Now!
"a name" As subtle as tomorrow Ergo
"Written in the Rocks" Written in the Rocks Renee Rosnes
"Ebony Haze" Wax & Wane Brandee Younger
"Kanta's Theme" Tape Loops Chris Walla
"Smarra" Man Made Object GoGo Penguin
"Lethe" Connection Empirical
"Les Débris" Bye Naima
"Autumn; Grace" The Setting Sun Fjordne
"Fullness of Wind" Discreet Music Brian Eno
"Discreet Music, Pt. 1" Eno: Discreet Music Emma Zoe Elkinson, Dean Pomeroy & Contact
"Introductions" Tape Loops Chris Walla
"Echoes" Echoes California Guitar Trio


I have to confess, I am really not that crazy about music labels. Especially, in this current age where so many diverse sounds, textures, and cultures can be woven into any one composition, labeling can become a fool’s game trying to dissect and tease out an array of singular terms that are meaningless individually and confusing as a collection. Too often, I find they get in the way of appreciating music for what it is. I often remind myself to just listen and hold off on the labels.

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