David Bowie

Like all of us, I woke this morning to the shocking and sad news of David Bowie's passing after a long struggle with cancer. Most of the thoughts rolling around my head seem cliche right now, so I will resist trying to put some overly simplified stamp on an artist that defied boundaries, challenged genres, and pushed his art and life like few are ever capable of doing. I will take time during this week's show to celebrate, through music, his music and life. Lend an open ear and listen live on Tuesday at 9AM, if you can. As always, if you miss the live Alloy show this week you can always catch the all-music, 24/7 “Alloy” station. Want more "Alloy" on your mobile device? Listen to "Alloy: A Mixture of Music and Conversation," the premier episode of Alloy's new podcast featuring bassist, composer, and recording artist, Chris Lightcap.

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