"I Dream of Wires"

Buchla 200e

Have you ever heard of a "Buchla"? Ever heard an instrument described as a "modular synthesizer" and know exactly what it means? If you haven't don't feel bad. Until this week, neither did I. It was only after watching the throughly engaging 2014 documentary, "I Dream of Wires" (review 1 and review 2) that I learned not only about Buchlas, Robert Moog's creations, and modular synths, but also the history—the evolution of these complex machines—and their unique way of generating sound and unique music. For a wild visual treat, click here to see the Buchla Box signed by Ken Kesey, fantastic!. Great stuff, highly recommend watching it (watching options here).

This week's show will feature an extended set of electronic music inspired by watching the film. Also, a set of classic straight ahead, grab-you-by-the-collar-super-swinging-big-band-tunes will also fill the airwaves in preparation for the upcoming performance of the Dickinson Jazz Ensemble on November 22nd.

Lend an open ear and listen live on Tuesday at 9AM, if you can. As always, if you miss the live Alloy show this week you can always catch the all-music, 24/7 “Alloy” station.