Tangents and Circle Backs (Playlist #102)

tangents and circle backs

The title of this week’s show pretty much says it all. Musically, I found myself over the last few weeks going down a number of fun and interesting rabbit holes en route to discovering some new sounds and artists to share. This represents the “tangents” part of the title—one known artist led to learning about other lesser known and less familiar artists. The “circle backs” involve returning to some Alloy favorite releases to dig even deeper to reveal more musical treasures. There was even just a wee bit of time to toss in a seasonal tune as well—a veritable melange of musical merriment filled the air this week.

Don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Of Horns and History” (click here). This week's artwork, “tangents and circle backs” is a detail of a larger work by yours truly.

Thanks for listening!

Compostion Album Artist Listen
Sleeping Wild Day Breaks Norah Jones Apple Music
Rectangles 3c Binary Anna Webber's Simple Trio Apple Music
Gross Blues Hymn For The Happy Man Dan Pratt Apple Music
The Boulevardier Spirit Forward (Featuring John Ellis, Kevin Hays & Clarence Penn) Michael Blanco Apple Music
Rattlesnake St. Vincent (Deluxe Edition) St. Vincent Apple Music
Any Colour You Like with NDR Bigband & Michael Gibbs Celebrating the Dark Side of the Moon with the NDR Bigband & Michael Gibbs; featuring Youn Sun Nah & Nguyên Lê NDR Bigband & Michael Gibbs; featuring Youn Sun Nah & Nguyên Lê Apple Music
Come On, Come Over Jaco Pastorius Jaco Pastorius Apple Music
Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler) What's Going On Marvin Gaye Apple Music
All Tomorrow's Parties Epicenter Chris Lightcap's Bigmouth Apple Music
Langen Ro Langen Ro Geir Sundstøl Apple Music
Falling Down From the Sky Like Some Damned Ghost Cantos Invisiveis Sao Paulo Underground Bandcamp
This Was Supposed To Be The Future Fictions Rupert Lally Bandcamp
Oxide Macrocosms Banabila & Machinefabriek Apple Music
Phantom The Ready Made Boomerang Deep Listening Band Apple Music
And Dream Of Sheep Hounds Of Love Kate Bush Apple Music
Carry Me Over One Breath Anna Calvi Apple Music
We Three Kings Big Band Holidays Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra With Wynton Marsalis Apple Music