Technicolor (Playlist #124)

"technicolor" by gbmediadesign

As I assembled this week's music offering, I experienced the joy of listening to music via headphones. The simple pleasure of soaking in the wondrous technicolor world of sound—just a guy and his music library...and his headphones! This is not an audiophile rant suggesting only great listening happens on expensive headphones or high-end speakers, no! Whether through inexpensive earbuds or decent over-the-ear "cans" (as they are sometimes called) headphones give us a front row seat to the exquisite details that artists and sound engineers labor over when creating and recording their ideas. If you look at this week's playlist you will not find any of the stereophile or audiophile classics (like Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon, as one example of many). No. I did not seek out sonically complex tracks this week, but I noticed as I listened to each track that so much was going on texturally, dynamically—in this ear for a moment, in that ear for a longer moment, and enjoyed and appreciated the experience as it unfolded. I felt like I was hearing things anew, immersing my ears with sounds that I would otherwise miss, discovering textures that deepened my appreciation of the music and the music-makers. I invite you to give it a try. Take a few moments (or more!) and listen, deeply listen to your favorite tracks, or this week's playlist, but either way listen for the subtle things that might have passed you by. I hope you find it as rewarding as I did.

Finally, don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Time” (click here). This week's artwork by yours truly yours truly is titled, "technicolor."

Thanks for listening!

Composition Artist Album Listen Now!
Eddieish Joris Teepe & Don Braden Conversations Apple Music
Part 5, Ruminations Charles Lloyd New Quartet Passin' Through Apple iTunes
The Numbers Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool Apple Music
No Surprises Radiohead OK Computer Apple Music
No Surprises Amanda Palmer Amanda Palmer Performs the Popular Hits of Radiohead On Her Magical Ukulele Apple Music
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart Jeff Tweedy Together At Last Apple Music
Small Town Bill Frisell & Thomas Morgan Small Town Apple iTunes
Zawinul / Lava Brian Eno Another Green World Apple Music
Strange Gazes and Birdsong (2013) – Fiona Ryan Toy Piano Composers Ensemble Toy Piano Composers Bandcamp
On the Other Side Elizabeth A. Baker {this is not a piano album} Apple Music
C Seventh Stew Patrick Butler Sonic Stew Apple Music
Remazing Ace The Great Harry Hillman Tilt Bandcamp
Everything You Wanted The Mark Arroyo Trio Two Sides To A Promise - Promo Apple Music
Nakba The Brett Gold New York Jazz Orchestra Dreaming Big Apple Music