Scaffolding (playlist #145)

“scaffolding” by gbmediadesign

Today I was intrigued by the idea of scaffolding, the network of poles and platforms that, when constructed, build a secure foundation by which one can traverse layers and floors. Musically, scaffolding can be the slow and steady building of an artist’s catalog of music—building, weaving, if you will, a complex network of connections, both temporal and evolutionary. As listener’s, in this age of streaming music services, we can climb up and down, in and around an artist’s catalog, their musical scaffolding—sonically, moving in and out, up and down, traversing works, collaborations, and more. In honor of Bill Frisell’s recent birthday, and his recent solo release, the magnificent Music IS, today’s show traversed a small part of his intricate and towering musical scaffolding.

Checkout this week’s playlist to see what was shared and what today’s Alloy scaffolding sounded like. Don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Crimson” (click here). This week's artwork, “scaffolding” is an altered/remixed photograph by yours truly and you can also see it here.

As always, thanks for listening!

Compostion Artist Album
“I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town” Wynton Marsalis Septet United We Swing: Best of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Galas
“Droni Mitchell” Counterweight Counterweight
“Cuento #1 : West Coast” Matthew Golombisky's Cuentos Volumes 1 & 2
“Warszawa” Delta Saxophone Quartet Bowie, Berlin & Beyond
“Spartacus Love Theme” Bill Evans Conversations With Myself
“Variation on a Theme” Bill Frisell Ghost Town
“Change in the Air” Bill Frisell Music IS
“In Line” Bill Frisell Music IS
“Coltrane Time” Andrew Cyrille, Bill Frisell, Richard Teitelbaum & Ben Street The Declaration of Musical Independence
“In the New Year” Charles Rumback Tag Book
“Song for Andrew No.1” Andrew Cyrille, Bill Frisell, Richard Teitelbaum & Ben Street The Declaration of Musical Independence
“Laxness” Jakob Bro December Song
“The Frisell Dream” Dave Douglas Quintet (with Bill Frisell) Strange Liberation
“Perseverance” Video Gum Culture Perseverance
“Ether” Bram Weijters & Chad McCullough Feather
“Present Tense” Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
“Says” Nils Frahm Spaces (Bonus Track Version)
“Dig The Whole” New York Electric Piano State of the Art