Mark Hollis (playlist #168)

“mark hollis”

Yesterday’s show focused primarily on creating a contextual musical tribute to the late Mark Hollis, who sadly passed away a couple weeks ago at the too-young-age of 64 after “a short illness from which he never recovered.” For those unfamiliar with Hollis’ work, this week’s playlist offers several ways to experience his contribution to music—both bands he influenced (Radiohead, Animal Collective, St. Vincent, and many more) as well as those who influenced him (Miles Davis, Traffic, Bill Evans, and more). In particular, Hollis was in white-hot creative overdrive when he and his band Talk Talk recorded and released their final two groundbreaking albums Spirit of Eden (1988) and Laughing Stock (1991). Hollis walked away from the music business shortly after the release of Laughing Stock only to return briefly to record another masterpiece, his self-titled album, Mark Hollis in 1998. Citing a desire to be with his family and not be a part of the music industry machinery, he largely disappeared from the music world. There are several tributes that put his work into perspective: his influence; an insightful overview; and the significance of his final solo album. Mark Hollis approached music in a singular way not shying away from the power of silence en route to creating a sound that was and still is timeless.

Compostion Artist Album
“Did You See the Words” Animal Collective Feels
“Across The Universe” Jenna & The Charmers Everyone I Love Is Here
“Our Lady of the Desert” William Tyler Goes West
“The Windup” Julian Lage Love Hurts
“In The Key Of The Universe” Joey DeFrancesco In The Key Of The Universe
“Chameleon Day” Talk Talk The Colour Of Spring
“The Colour Of Spring” Mark Hollis Mark Hollis
“Inside Looking Out” Mark Hollis Mark Hollis
“In A Silent Way” Miles Davis The Complete In A Silent Way Sessions
“Peace Piece” Bill Evans Everybody Digs Bill Evans
“Daffy Duck” Animal Collective Feels
“The Gift” Mark Hollis Mark Hollis
“Freedom Rider” Traffic John Barleycorn Must Die
“After The Flood” Talk Talk Laughing Stock
“A Life (1895 - 1915)” Mark Hollis Mark Hollis
“ARB Section 1” Mark Hollis Boss (Original Television Soundtrack)
“MK 1” Radiohead In Rainbows
“Down Is the New Up” Radiohead In Rainbows
“For Mark Hollis & Giacinto Scelsi” Klimek Dedications