colorful space (playlist #174)

“” by gbmediadesign

Yesterday’s show featured a number of new ambient works and much more. Checkout this week’s playlist to see what was featured. Don’t forget that you can see what was featured on the last show, “multi” (by clicking here). This week’s artwork, “colorful space” is a detail of a larger altered image by yours truly. You can view the whole image here.

As always, thanks for listening!

Composition Artist Album
Morning Bell; Amnesiac Vitamin String Quartet VSQ Performs Radiohead: Enigmatic
Everything in It’s Right Place Christopher O’Riley True Love Waits (Christopher O’Riley Plays Radiohead)
Paranoid Android Radiohead OK Computer
Airbag Radiohead OK Computer
The Garden Brad Mehldau Finding Gabriel
Hocking Cosmo Sheldrake The Much Much How How and I (Deluxe Edition)
What I Wanted to Hold Florist If Blue Could Be Happiness
Response M. Grig Mount Carmel
A Lake Emily A. Sprague Water Memory
#3 Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2
Spanish Ladies Bill Frisell Rogue’s Gallery - Pirate Ballads, Sea Song and Chanteys
Svefn-G-Englar Sigur Rós Ágætis Byrjun
The Hermit Lightbath full/new
A Universal Weakness Lowercase Noises The Swiss Illness