Rabbit Holes

"delicate network"

One of the many pleasurable experiences in preparing a show each week is knowing that some part of the process will involve exploring and finding new artists and/or making unusual or unexpected contextual connections to works, artists, or music history in general. I often reference this experience, on air, by describing that I went “down a rabbit hole” to discover more about a style of music, an artist, or whatever sent me down the hole in the first place. I often come out on the other side of a hole, sometimes quite far from where I started, but most always better for the journey, and with an inner happy smile. My latest rabbit hole dive has been reacquainting myself with the huge catalog that is Rush. Regardless of your appreciation, or your lack of appreciation, or your lukewarmness to their music, I heartily recommend watching the documentary, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage—it is one of the finest and most satisfying band documentaries I have ever watched, full stop. I will resist waxing on and on about it, but will say this: it is a wonderful, engaging story about a trio of immensely talented and deeply human musicians. Give it a try. This week’s show also included a bevy of new tracks by some familiar Alloy faves. Check the show’s playlist for a full rundown.

Don't forget that you can listen to all of the music from the last episode, “Sinking In” (click here). This week's artwork, “delicate network” is by yours truly. Thanks for listening!